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Camps in the USA

  • Most Camps are in the East Coast area of the USA.
  • The camps are private and family owned and operated, with a long tradition and ample experience. Children from American families return to these camps, year after year, generation after generation.
  • The camps belong to prestigious American Associations which supervise and carry out safety inspections of the facilities on a regular basis.
  • 1 monitor for every 3 children = personal and individualized attention.   
  • Surrounded by nature. Our camps are all strategically located on the edge of a lake, and are equipped with excellent facilities for the sports and activities offered.
  • The children sleep in cabins of 8 to 12 boys or girls of the same age, and are always with several monitors.


A day at a camp


7:30-8:00 Wake up
Breakfast; clean and straighten out cabin (campers pitch in to take care of the chores); three activities/sports.

12:00 Lunch
Rest period in the cabin, two or three activities, meeting,

18:00 Dinner
Activities according to age: talent shows, concerts, bonfires, disco...etc., and then off to bed!

At American children's camps, campers practice sports and activities on a daily basis keeping the youngsters active and busy all day long. They take part in night-time bonfires, games, amateur theatre, dances, disco, campouts, excursions...


All our camps offer all types of water sports on the lake: sailing, canoeing, kayaking, water skiing, wakeboarding, tubing, windsurfing, swimming and fishing. Some also have a swimming pool.

But that's not all! There are also adventure activities: rock climbing, climbing wall, zip lining, trekking.

And, still there is more! Individual and team sports: tennis, soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, archery, cycling, field hockey, golf, horse-riding, skate parks, trapeze arts, gymnastics, yoga, dance, and the list goes on!

Activities and workshops:

Most of the American camps offer other activities such as: cooking, woodworking, nature workshops, rocketry, jewelry-making, photography, video, radio, theatre, music, painting, handicrafts, drama, ceramics, circus programs, and much more.

Camps can go from a minimum of 3 weeks to a maximum of 7/8 weeks. Parents may choose from co-ed, boys only, or girl's only camps up to the age of 15/16. Some camps accept youths of 17 years of age. (We recommend a minimum age of at least 10 and some English for our campers). Many of these camps have a special area set aside for older teen campers so that they are not mixed in with the younger campers, follow a program very well-suited to their age and interests.

Traditional Summer Camps in the USA: Practice sports and activities! Some particular emphasis on a given theme: Nature, Sports, activities, or trips. The choice is vast!

Then there are specialized camps, where campers can learn and perfect their skills at a variety of water sports in the lake sports facilities and participate in other sports, activities and excursions. Professional grade intensive programs are offered, such as:

Music Camps in the USA: In a setting of stunning natural beauty, your child will spend the summer sharing his/her passion for music and musical instruments with others of like-mind. Music loving campers take part in orchestras, music ensembles and choirs, and even record their compositions and solos, receiving personalized training from music professionals, and of course, practice, practice ... Practice makes perfect!

American Camps with Theater, Dance, Circus, etc.: In magnificent facilities and under the guidance of experienced professionals, campers are given free rein to develop their creative potential to the full. All ability levels are available in the following arts: classical ballet, modern dance and hip hop, etc.

Furthermore, campers will make a short film, digital editing, record a rock music record, etc.., they even learn trapeze arts in a circus program, along with developing other artistic activities, trying their hand at new techniques of engraving, jewelry-making, painting, sculpture, etc.

Cific Sports camps like Golf or Horse riding, etc.: Most importantly, however, and aside from developing their athletic and other skills, and just plain enjoying themselves at the multitude of sports and activities, children learn to foster comradery and friendship, permanently boosting their self-respect and self-esteem. At all our American Camps, counselors encourage and challenge the children to try new things, to outdo themselves, to participate, maturing in the process. These experiences are, in essence, an integral part of their overall personal growth.

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