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Other programs

Specialized camps


cursos especializados usa BestsummersSpecialized Camps in the USA.

(Tennis, Golf, Dance, Drama, Art, Music, Horse riding, etc)

At traditional camps or Private schools in the USA.

Combined with other soprts, activities, field trips and excursions.

Co-ed, 10 to 17 years old.

From 2 weeks up.


Pre-university and Enrichment Camps


cursos preuniversitarios y enrichment usa

In Student Residences at some of the most prestigious Universities in the USA.

Choose your subjects, choose your program.

Daily classes and activities.

Field trips and excursions.

Co-ed, from ages 14 to 17.

From 2 weeks and up.



Adventure Trips


Viajes aventura niños y jóvenes en USATravel the USA in small groups with American children your age and with trip leaders and expert guides.


Participate on extended trips: trekking, cycling, horseback, canoeing, kayaking, white river rafting, rock climbing, or even doing volunteer work ... It's all a real adventure!


Co-ed, from age 13 años


Stays of 2, 3 or 4 weeks



English language training at all levels


Inglés a todos los niveles en USA Bestsummers
Intensive courses, Conversation and Culture. Business

English... daily classes and activities. Field trips and excursions.

Co-es, ages 13 up. And +18

In Private schools in the USA. Daily classes, activities and sports.
Field trips and excursions.

Co-ed, from ages 10 to 18

We also offer the possibility of either a whole Academic Year or a term at prestigious private boarding schools in the USA.