Title Testimonials on Bestsummers Camps

I loved it! Everybody was really great and I made lots of incredible friends. It was the best summer ever ... I can't wait till I go back next summer for 7 weeks!!! After speaking English all day I ended up thinking and even dreaming in English. When I got home to Spain and I started speaking Spanish, I realized that some words only came out in English!

Paula 14 years old


The experience of attending camp in the US is much better than any other camp. The activities are much more varied and there are many more people, and it's all very big.

Iker 12 years old


I have to say that my best friends are at this camp and I'm going to return every summer. It feels great to go to camp and fit in with the others. It's also really satisfying when you see you can get along in a country that is not yours, in a different language, and a continent away from your family. I feel grew as a person as I could see myself standing on my own two feet - quite a lesson that will stay with me my whole life!

Leyre 12 years oll

My son Borja came back from camp much more self-confident, self-sufficient, and more "enterprising". We noticed a change in him as he's enthusiastic about everything now, as well as being more sociable than before. He even had a hard time speaking Spanish after 7 weeks away ... he could only speak Spanglish!

Mother of Borja 12 years old

Our children's experience at camp in the US this past summer was exceptional. Not only did they learn a lot of things and dramatically improve their level in English, they also had a lot of fun and they made many new friends. Finally, I would say that they also matured notably. I would recommend this experience without a doubt.

Irene, mother of Nerea and Marteen 16 and 13 years old

Rosina, we wish to thank you for your hard work organizing the summer camp for our kids. They had a phenomenal time, so much so that they said they hadn't missed us a bit! I sincerely appreciate this and think it's great although their father didn't find it so funny, saying that next year we should send them to Greenland. The kids were really enthusiastic about their time at camp and have told us all sorts of experiences they have had. They've learned a great deal of English aside from making truly good friends.

Mother of Leticia and Eloy 14 and 13 years old

Rosina, I'm writing these few lines to thank you for your time. The camp was much more than we had imagined. We wish to express our gratitude to you and to the camp, to all the boys and girls in that great group of friends that has been formed.

Father of Camila


I now have American friends and I can communicate in English perfectly with them, just like one of the gang. A totally unforgettable experience.

Susana 12 years old

The camp in the US that Rosina Bernar picked for us is the perfect combination of fun, making friends and learning English. Our daughter enjoyed herself immensely. Proof of that is when she stepped off the plane she asked us if she could return next year.

Parents of Ana 13 years old


I whole-heartedly recommend Rosina Bernar for her extensive knowledge and access to programs for Americans not to mention her excellent service. My children have spent four summers attending camp with Rosina, with the most recent experience being an "adventure trip", which is more than an adventure: it is essentially leaving behind a comfortable lifestyle with all its conveniences, to travel light, and be in touch with Nature. What's important is your group, the group effort, being a member of a unified group, and facing the personal challenge and overcoming barriers ... Not only is it total immersion in English, it is also a great life lesson!.

Mother of Alejandro and Guinea


Our son has been attending camp in the United States with Rosina Bernar Best Summers since he was 12. These last four summers for him have been a true gift!

Parents of Jorge 12 years old


Rosina is extraordinary. If you want to be completely worry-free, and happy as parents, send your kids to the USA with her!

Mother of Javier and Begoña campers and academic year in the USA

It's been a fabulous experience. Everything is different and new there. It's normal to feel out of place at first, but then it gets easy. An unforgettable experience...!

Berenice 13 years old


Rosina Bernar Best Summers - very friendly and attention to retail in her organization.

Father of Gonzalo and Paula


We live in an age when we are bombarded with information on any subject, including information we need to best choose our children's summer camp. Your help in this regard Rosina is fundamental. Thanks to the assistance and advice you have given us, as we have made our choice from your careful selection which has made us feel very confident sending Jaime to camp.

Mother of Jaime 15 years old


We wish to congratulate you and express our appreciation for our son Isaac's success at camp in the US. He going back next summer-all his American friends have said they would be expecting him!! As a mother, at first I thought about how far it was from home, being fearful that he would be lonely. However, I found that he was enjoying himself every single moment. I'd certainly say it was an extremely positive experience.

Parents of Isaac 13 years old