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What we do

Rosina Bernar Bestsummers offers a selection of many of the best summer camps for children in the United States of America. They are hand-picked by a "demanding" mother who leaves no stone unturned in researching the leading summer camps in the USA. Convinced of the enormous benefits this experience would bring to her own children, she has spent a decade personally interviewing camp directors, visiting and comparing the camps "in action".

We offer an individualized plan for each child according to their unique personality, needs, hobbies and interests of their families. With our extensive experience, we help you choose the most appropriate summer camp in the USA for your children, since "not every camp is for every child".

We also provide each and every child with personalized follow-up, before and during his/her stay at camp.

Furthermore, your child will be totally immersed in English, since all our camps are in the United States and are for American children, meaning that English is the SOLE language used throughout, guaranteeing maximum contact for effective language learning.

How does your child benefit from an American summer camp?


At our children's camps in the USA, your child will have the opportunity of getting to know another country and learn about the culture and customs first-hand. Living alongside American children of their age, campers take a huge leap in their English language skills as they share experiences, all under the constant guiding hand of a committed, enthusiastic and seasoned team of professionals.

In a happy and active environment, and with no pressure, your children will have FUN while improving their English. At camp in the USA, children have a fabulous time improving their skills at a wide variety of sports and activities, as well as trying their hand at new things, thus broadening their horizons.

The children's self-esteem and self-confidence will be boosted and they become more participative, open-minded and responsible, forming life-long relationships. While at camp in the United States, the children see for themselves how easy it is to have a great time without their mobile phone, SMS, WatsApp, TV and Internet. It will, in short, become one of their ... "best summers"!

Why Bestsummers? What can Rosina Bernar do for you?


  • We are experts in American Summer Camps. In the USA there is a long tradition of summer camps for children, with the best camps being passed down from parents to their children, generation after generation, and along with it all their experience and know-how.
  • Rosina Bernar Best Summers is a family-run business, as are all the American camps in our selection. Both Rosina Bernar Best Summers and the administration of the camps pay close attention to every detail concerning your child's welfare, 365 days a year, and when summer comes we're there for you and your child.
  • Both the camp owners and Rosina Bernar are 100% dedicated to providing your child with an absolutely amazing experience. Through sports and activities, and learning as much English as possible during their stay, the overall experience will go a long way to contributing to their growth as a person.
  • As a demanding mother for my own children, I personally select the most appropriate American summer camp to match each child's preferences. In order to make the most optimum fit, I have untiringly and exhaustively researched summer camps in the USA for many years, and continue to do so. My personal conviction has always been that this type of summer experience is crucial to the overall well-being and growth of all children, including my own. This conviction is shared by all those families who have, over the years, entrusted their "campers" to Best Summers.
  • Rosina Bernar Best Summers places a limited number of international children in each camp. Thanks to our intimate knowledge of the camps and understanding of the families and their children, we are highly successful in placing the campers with those they have most in common, making them feel right at home; a key factor to fitting in with the group of American children at camp. Additionally, we work hand-in-hand with the team of professionals whose full and unceasing support ensures maximum enjoyment at Camp.
  • Thanks to our strict selection criteria, we personally visit camps in the USA every summer, along with keeping close contact with the camps all year-long. During the summer months, this professional rapport intensifies, turning into daily contact with our camps in the USA, our campers and their families.
  • Practically 100% of our campers have a magnificent experience (see Testimonials) and return year after year with us to their American summer camp.
  • Since you pay the American camp directly, the price of the programs is as quoted. You can always depend on us for our experience, follow-up, dedication and constant support. We're here to help you!


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